Department of Economics and International Economic Relations is a structural subdivision of DonNUET Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics, Management and Administration.

The department provides teaching of disciplines related to the theory and practice of substantiation and management of economic relations for all specialties of the University.

The Department of Economics and International Economic Relations is an administering department and provides training of specialists in the analytical economy of all level of fighter education (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD’s degree) with specialization in

  • 051 Economics
  • 292 International economic relations

Head of the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations Yuliia Bocharova, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office. 315

The Department of Economics and International Economic Relations conducts its chronicle since the establishment of an educational institution and has gone through the path of formation and development together with the University. Indifferenty ears it was called as a Department of Political Economy, Political Economy and Market Theory, since 1997 functioned under the name “Department of Economic Theory”. The new development perspectives were awarded by the Department on the basis of international cooperation with the British, Irish, Finnish, French partners on the TEMPUS / TACIS Program projects in the period 1996-2001, in particular the joint Europe an project “Applied Social Policy Curriculum” No. T-jep-10832 -99. In 2017 the department is graduating and provide straining of specialists in the specialties “Economics” and “International economic relations”.

The Department provides the organization and realization of training process in the following disciplines:

  • Political economy
  • Microeconomics
  • International Economic Relations
  • International organizations
  • International integration
  • International finance
  • National economy
  • Infrastructural development
  • Regional economy
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamentals of fundamental analysis
  • History of economics and economic thought
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Cooperation and organization of production
  • International Economics
  • Globalization of the economy and the international innovation process
  • Market conditions
  • International transportation
  • International economic activity of Ukraine
  • European integration
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Economics
  • International Economic Relations
  • International organizations
  • International trade
  • Economic analysis
  • Fundamentals of diplomacy
  • International business
  • International economic development strategies
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative development of the enterprise
  • Innovation economics and innovation policy
  • Management of international competitiveness of enterprises
  • Research methodology
  • Project management
  • EU institutions and features of regulation of economic activity
  • Riscology and the economics of change
  • Social development
  • Diagnosis of FEA of international trade entities
  • Public Management and EU decentralization processes
  • Geopolitics
  • Modern economic theory
  • Global transformations and development