SRL «Philosophical and Legal Aspects of Legal Guarantees in Professional and Educational Activities»

Scientific Coordinator

Ihor Shulzhenko – Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor


SRL «Philosophical and Legal Aspects of Legal Guarantees in Professional and Educational Activities» was established in 2015 on the basis of the Department of Humanities and Legal Disciplines of Mykhailo Tuhan-Baranovskyi Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade, since 2019 it is operated on the basis of the Department of Foreign Philology, Ukrainian Studies and Social and Law Disciplines.

The purpose of the Laboratory is to study the philosophical and general scientific components of scientific and pedagogical activities, as well as to determine the legal methods and means of ensuring scientific and pedagogical activities in Ukraine in modern socio-economic conditions.

Main research areas are:

  • socio-philosophical aspects of the feature’s analysis of modern scientific and pedagogical activity in the education system
  • the phenomenon of creativity in the modern educational paradigm
  • creativity as a component of researchers
  • political technologies as a creative means of influencing the political life of society
  • legal regulation of the employment’s contract conclusion with scientific and pedagogical workers
  • changing the terms of the employment contract with research and teaching staff
  • features of the employment’s contract termination with scientific and pedagogical workers.

Taxpayer-funded researches realization:

0115U005061 “Philosophical and legal aspects of scientific and pedagogical activities” (2015 – 2018)

0118U006406 “Creative components of the modern historical situation” (2018 – 2020).

Work on PhD within the framework of the laboratory:

Kseniia Nikolenko “Creativity as a factor of social change”, speciality 09.00.03 – social philosophy and philosophy of history, 2017.