Supervisory Board of Mykhailo Tuhan-Baranovskyi Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade (hereinafter – the University) is the body that was created by the decision of the founder to supervise the management of the University property, and compliantion with the purpose of its creation.

The Supervisory Board is operating on the principles of collective decision-making, voluntary basis and equal membership, independence and publicity.

The Supervisory Board formation procedure, the term of its powers, competence and the flow of work are determined by the Statute of the University.

The main tasks of the Supervisory Board are:

  • promoting the effective development of the University
  • assisting the University’s leadership in implementing public policy in higher education
  • attracting financial resources for ensuring the activity of the University in the main directions of its development and exercising control over their use
  • exercising control over the activity of the University, listening to the rector’s reports on the fulfillment of the main University’s tasks
  • assisting the public authorities of the University in carrying out their activities
  • ensuring effective interaction of the University with public authorities, scientific community, socio-political organizations and economic entities in the interests of development and improving the quality of educational activity and competitiveness of the University
  • providing assistance to the University in improving the material and technical base of the educational process, scientific and scientific-technical activity, its social infrastructure
  • promoting the integration of the University into the international education system
  • searching ways to expand and improving the University’s international cooperation
  • promoting the brand of the University as a leader in higher education, science and culture at the national level