General information

Student affairs Offices

At the University there are:

the directorates of educational and scientific institutes, whose staff advise on all issues related to the organization of training and practical training of higher education applicants;

a department of pre-university training, which organizes and prepares supporting documents for the training of foreign citizents, stateless persons and students of the preparatory department at the University; provides assistance in organizing and issuing training invitations to foreign citizents and stateless persons using the resource “Electronic journal of registration of study invitations in Ukraine issued by Ukrainian HEA to foreigners” of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, training certificates, etc.; carries out work on ensuring the passport and visa regime of foreign citizens and stateless persons; carries out organizational processes related to the preparation of foreign nationals for entering higher education institutions;

a public relations and career guidance center facilitating student internships and graduate employment;

department for work with students, whose staff promote the adaptation of first-year students to study at DonNUET, assist in conducting university-wide events and advise student organizations, promote the development of student research work and student self-government. There is a social worker in the structure of the department.


University students have the opportunity to live in student hostels in Kryvyi Rih at the following addresses: Geroev ATO str., 34b; Geroev ATO str., 79b; Vatutina str., 37; Pulkovsky lane 2; Edward Fuchs str., 26a; Poshtovy ave., 73; Poshtoviy Avenue  75; Kostenko str., 12; Peter Kalnyshevsky str., 18; Alexandra Vasyakina str., 54a.

For students with orphan status or a person deprive of parental rights, there is a free social hostel at Staroyarmarkova 42.

All hostels are divided into two types: block (two rooms with a common bathroom) and a corridor.

Depending on the conditions of housing conditions and location, the payment in the hostel is different.

Cost of accomodation

The cost of accomodation in a hostel is from 300 to 800 UAH per month depending on the degree of comfort in the hostel.


Students use the buffet (ground floor) and private eating house (across the street).

Medical support (services)

All students of the University can make free use of medical services at the city’s student hospital at the address of the – Kryvyi Rih, Heroes ATO str., 34b; phone. (0564) 71-86-16.

Opportunities for students with special needs

There is a university program that implementing phase in a part of training rooms for students with special needs.
For this category of students it is possible to study by an individual schedule. The university administration and academic staff use different methods of inclusive education in their work.


Medical insurance is necessary for all foreign citizens on arrival in Ukraine. Medical insurance for Ukrainian students is not required; it is voluntary and is carried out in the banks of the country.

Financial support for students

Publicly-funded students and successfully completing semester receive the monthly scholarship. There is also a system of social scholarships that has the state guarantees.

Conditions of studying

There is library for students there at the university. The Library Fund is regularly updated. It contains publications of technical, economical, humanitarian sciences, artistic works, educational and teaching literature of all studied disciplines. There are textbooks, manuals, periodicals, etc., also available. There is a library pass and a readers’ aula. There are computer classes with access to the Internet at the university. There is WI-FI  at auditoriums too.

The material-and-technical base of the University corresponds to international standards. The educational process is carried out in lecture auditoriums and auditoriums for seminars and practical classes. There are also university laboratories in different directions.

The development of the material-and-technical base is carried out in the programs of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID / UCBI), the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and etc.

International programs, opportunities for international mobility

DonNUET has broad international relations, collaborates with foreign universities, scientific-research institutes and associations. There is signed agreements about cooperation with the universities of Georgia, Poland, France, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia. There are international conferences arranged, published owns scientific editions and academic and scientific exchanges are conducted with the participation of teachers and students as part of these agreements.

The university has an opportunity to take part in academic exchanges with the European Higher Business School (Poznan, Poland), the University of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski University of Business and Administration(Gdynia, Poland), Higher School of Labor Management in Katowice (Katowice, Poland). Individual grants for internships or study abroad are provided by university staff and students by taking part in Erasmus +, DAAD, NATO, and University of British Columbia (Canada), Central European University (Hungary), Austrian Academic Exchange Service, Free University of Berlin and more.

The University participates in projects of the British Council (United Kingdom), the Fulbright Program (USA), the Open World Center at the Library of Congress, the International Charitable Foundation “International Fund for Educational Policy Research”, the Polish Rectors Foundation – Institute of the Knowledge Society (Poland), European Commission ERASMUS + programs aimed at improving the quality of education, structure and management system, improving the skills of employees.

Practical information for mobile students

The student can obtain counseling assistance at the Department of International Relations, at the Directorate of the Educational and Scientific Institute, at the graduate department.

The Department of International Relations provides information about:

  • international programs: scholarships, summer schools, volunteering, grants, contests;
  • the procedure for admitting foreign citizens to study at DonNUET.

In the directorate of the educational-scientific institute a student can receive consultations about:

  • the registration order of documents for participation in academic mobility;
  • academic references;
  • Individual training plan
  • Academic leave
  • recalculation of academic subjects
  • academic mobility programs
  • ECTS partner institution information package

At the graduate department the student can get advice about:

  • an individual study plan for abroad educational.

Language courses

The foreign language studying is compulsory according to the curricula of all specialties in DonNUET. Students of the specialties “International Economic Relations” and “Tourism” must have study 2 foreign languages.

For anyone wishing to take part in international exchange programs, there is the opportunity to study foreign languages ​​in supplementary language courses at the university. English and German teaching.
Language courses are conducted 2 times a year: from 25 August to 10 September and from 25 January to 10 February. Send a letter with the subject “Language courses for mobility” to: In the letter indicate: initials, the birth date, the language chosen for study, the purpose of studying the language, the type of activity.

Practice (internship)

The University has agreements with such state-owned enterprises as ” Kryvbasstandart metrology”, ” Kryviy Rih central heating station”, “Kryvbaspromvodo-postachannya”; communal enterprises “Kryviy Rih waste handling services” and “Kryviy Rih City Development Institution”; PJSC “Southern Mining and Processing Plant”, PJSC “Central Mining and Enrichment Plant”; hotels “Druzhba” and “Aurora”; The Main Directorate of the State Treasury Service and the Pension Fund of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region; The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine; Hypermarkets “Epicenter” and “Auchan”; Travel agencies of the city, insurance campaigns, restaurant services, banking institutions.

Internationl practical training

The University has a dual education program (Sandwich education), which combines the training of higher education applicants in DonNUET with work placements / internships at workplaces at enterprises, institutions and organizations on the basis of contracts for qualification. The University has concluded contracts for the organization of internships for students of the University of Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland. Thanks to the concluded agreements, students of the University annually undergo international industrial training.

Student organizations

Student Government at Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhailo Tugan-Baranovsky is a state-guaranteed right of persons, who study independently or through representative bodies, to decide issues within their powers.

The University’s student government relies upon compliance with principles of legality, democracy, publicity, selectivity and voluntariness, and protects students’ rights and interests and their participation in the management of the University.

The order of creation and functioning of student government is regulated by the Statute on the Student Government body at Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhailo Tugan-Baranovsky, approved by the University Student Conference.

The purpose of the student government is to create conditions for self-actualization of students’ personality and to form their organizational skills, leadership skills, responsibility for the outcome of their work and so on. The activity of the student government focuses on educational process development, improving its quality, ensuring the education of students’ spirituality and culture, social activity increasing among student youth.