Staff Conference of Mykhailo Tugan-Baranovsky Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade – is the highest collegial organ of University, that carries out its activities in accordance with the Statute on Staff Conference.

The Staff Conference of University is an elected body, representing all categories of University’s employees and its structural units, as well as representatives of students attending the University.

Address: Tramvaina 16

The chairman of the Staff Conference – Oleksandr Romanukha, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism and Country Studies

Deputy chairman of Staff Conference – Olena Litus

The secretary of Staff Conference – Kateryna Snihur

The Staff Conference are:

  • approval for the Statute of University or alternations (supplements) to it upon the recommendation of  the Academic Board
  • hearing of the annual report of Rector of the University and assessment of his/her performance
  • returning the labor disputes commission in accordance with the labor and employment law
  • review of whether to suspend Rector of University on parole upon the well-pleaded recommendation of the Supervisory or Academic Board
  • adoption of internal regulations of the university and collective agreement, and alternations to them
  • examination of other university activities issues

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