Department of Scientific Work is a structural unit of DonNUET, organized to plan, organize, control and coordinate scientific, scientific and technical activities at the University and the implementation of its results in the educational process and production.

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office. 409

Leading specialist —  Kseniia Nikolenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Philology, Ukrainian Studies and Social and Law Disciplines, Candidate of Philological Sciences

The main tasks of the Department of Scientific Work are:

  • planning ofUniversity’s scientific activity directions
  • developing and implementing organizational and methodological measures aimed at improving, modernizing and optimizing the scientific and scientific-technical process at the University
  • organizating basic, exploratory and applied research aimed at the implementation of priority areas of science and education, the use of all opportunities to increase the importance of scientific activity at the university, as a basis for training scientific and pedagogical staff
  • developing mutually beneficial international scientific and technical relations, implementing of joint research projects while preserving and protecting national priorities, international exchange of scientific information, joint publication of scientific articles and monographs, holding exhibitions, etc.
  • supporting student research activities
  • organizating information and advertising publishing activities, coverage of the achievements of the University scientists through the media;
  • implementing on behalf of the University foreign economic activity, sale of scientific and technical products abroad
  • organization of development and controlling of the state of registration of components of documentary support of scientific process: thematic plans, reports on research work of departments, laboratories and University, reports on R&D, etc.
  • developing and implementing organizational and methodological measures aimed at ensuring the effective functioning and improvement of the University’s Quality Management System