Human Resources Department is a structural subdivision of DonNUET designed to organize and ensure the staffing of the University with the labor resources of all categories of required professions, specialties and qualifications in accordance with the comprehensive workforce plan.

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office 302

Head of the Human Resources Department – Olha Barchenko

The main tasks of the Human Resources Department are:

  • creation of administrative documents for personnel
  • organization of document circulation that provides operational control over the movement and execution of management assignments in working with employees
  • organization of control over the execution of personnel orders
  • personnel accounting for hiring, transfer and dismissal of employees
  • accounting and registration of personnel documents
  • accounting for work incentives and disciplinary sanctions
  • accounting for leave
  • accounting for changes affecting the identity of the employee
  • accounting for the state of training, retraining and certification of personnel
  • registration, maintenance and accounting of employment records
  • registration of documents on appointment of pensions
  • preparation of documents for state statistical reporting
  • preparation of documents for reporting to the state employment service
  • preparation of documents for archival storage
  • development and implementation of organizational and methodological measures aimed at ensuring the effective functioning and improvement of the University’s Quality Management System