Department of Innovative Educational Technologies is a structural unit of DonNUET, designed for planning, organizating, controlling and coordinating of educational-methodical, organizational-methodical activities at the University and introduction of innovative technologies into the educational process.

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office. 409

Head of the Department of Innovative Educational Technologies – Olena Litus

The main tasks of the Department of Innovative Educational Technologies:

  • planning of educational-methodical, organizational-methodical activity at the University and introducting of innovative forms and methods of organizating of educational process
  • organization of creating educational and methodical maintenance, organization of preparating and examinating manuscripts of educational and methodical materials, its monitoring for maintenance of disciplines according to educational degrees programs of bachelor, master and increasing of educational process efficiency
  • monitoring the implementation of plans for the publication of textbooks, manuals and electronic textbooks
  • methodical and organizational controlling of work on quality management of educational activities, implementing of educational activity’s quality management system  in accordance with the requirements of the quality standard ISO 9001: 2015
  • planning and organizating of teaching staff advanced training and internship research and teaching staff
  • ensuring the work of the University’s Research and Instructional Methodology Board
  • organizating of preparating and holding of scientific-methodical conferences, seminars and trainings on introduction of study’s innovative technologies and organization of educational process