Research Department is a structural unit of DonNUET, which organizes the implementation of R & D, that is funded by state or local budgets, the university’s own funds, funds of enterprises and organizations on contractual terms, grants and funds allocated for various projects and programs, including international ones.

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office. 409

The main tasks of the Research Department are:

  • implementing basic and applied research in priority areas on the problems of technical, natural and social sciences, creation on this basis of theoretical foundations of fundamentally new types of technologies
  • effective using of the University’s scientific potential to solve applied problems of Ukraine’s economic development, carrying out works of interbranch and branch character
  • highly efficient realizating of scientific and technical products, provising of services, marketing, patenting and technical-economic researching
  • improving the quality of training by enriching the educational process with the results of the latest research, broad participation of faculty, doctoral students, graduate students, students in research and development, involvement of students in creative work