Department of Finance and Banking is a structural subdivision of  DonNUET Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics, Management and Administration.

The Department of Finance and Banking is an administering department  and provides training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in different levels of high education (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree) for the national economy and other countries in specialty 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”

The Department provides teaching subjects related to the theory and practice of finance, banking and insurance, methods for evaluating and analyzing financial indicators at macro and meso economic levels, for all economic specialties of the University.

Head of the Department of Finance and Banking Natalia Slobodianiuk, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office. 512

+38 (097) 582 – 22 – 48

The Department provides the organization and realization of training process in the following disciplines:

  • Banking system
  • Banking operations
  • Banking risks and methods of their measurement
  • Budget system
  • Budgeting the activities of economic entities
  • Currency market
  • Money and credit
  • Monetary systems of foreign countries
  • Investment activities
  • Treasury
  • Local finances
  • Operations of banking and non-banking institutions
  • Organization of commercial bank activities
  • Tax system
  • Insurance
  • Finances
  • Finance of foreign corporations
  • Enterprise finances
  • Finance of insurance companies
  • Finance, money and credit
  • Financial activity of business entities
  • Financial intermediation
  • Financial market
  • Central bank and monetary policy
  • Budget management
  • Project financing
  • Public finance
  • Financial services market
  • Insurance management
  • Corporate finance
  • Аinancial management
  • Financial management in the bank