Administration Department is a structural unit of DonNUET, which coordinates, organizes and monitors the work related to the operation and maintenance of the buildings and premises of the University.

Address: Tramvaina, 16

Head of the Administration Department —  Viktoriia Mishchuk

The main tasks of the Administration Department are:

  • supporting economic maintenance and proper condition in accordance with the rules and norms of industrial sanitation and fire safety of buildings and premises in which the units of the University are located
  • participating in the development of plans for current and capital repairs of the University’s fixed assets, drawing up estimates of business expenses
  • organizating repairworks in the University’s premises, controlling over the quality of repair work
  • provising the University’s subdivisions with furniture, household implements, mechanization tools for engineering and management work, supervision over their safety and timely repairs
  • preparating necessary materials for the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services, receipt and storage of office supplies, necessary household materials, equipment and inventory, providing them with the University unit, as well as keeping records of their expenses and compiling established reporting
  • monitoring the implementation of rational costs of materials and funds allocated for economic purposes
  • managing works for improvement, gardening and cleaning of the territory
  • ensuring the performance of fire prevention measures and maintaining the fire equipment in good condition