Scientific and Innovative Solution of the Problem of Personification of Food in Ukraine





Title of research

Scientific and innovative solution of the problem of personification of food in Ukraine

Type of research

Applied research

State registration number


Priority area of research

Life sciences, new technologies for prevention and treatment of the most common diseases

Head of research

Ditrikh Iryna Viktorivna, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

Completion period

2014 - 2015 рр.

Research organization

Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhailo Tugan-Baranovsky

Department of Commodity Studies and Expertise in Customs

Organization - orderer

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Goal of research

The purpose of the research is to study the causal link in the "nutrition-health" chain and to substantiate and elaborate a scientific and innovative decision on the issue of personification of nutrition in Ukraine on the basis of principles of nutrition and food combinatorics

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