Anti-corruptionBoardis the collegial body carrying out its activities in accordance with the Law "On Higher Education" of July 1, 2014 No. 1556-VII and the Statute on the Commission for the Prevention and Detection of Corruption Offenses at the Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after MikhailoTugan-Baranovsky

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office 108

+ 38 (063) 453 - 50 – 18

Chairman of the Commission is Andrii Vozniak

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he general organization and coordination of the prevention and detection of corruption offenses at the University is carried out by:

  • A.Vozniak - Chairman of the Commission, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • H.Horina- member of the commission, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Yu.Shtyk- Member of the Commission, Candidate of Economic Sciences
  • O.Dankeieva - commission member, assistant
  • O.Ketinh- representative of student government

The main tasks and functions of the Anti-corruptionBoardoffenses:

  • repairing, ensuring and monitoring the implementation of measures to prevent corruption
  • provision of methodological and consulting assistance in compliance with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation
  • participation in information and research support for the implementation of measures to prevent and detect corruption, as well as international cooperation in this area
  • organizational and explanatory work to prevent, detect and counteract corruption
  • monitoring compliance with the requirements of the law on conflict of interest
  • monitoring compliance with anti-corruption legislation
  • corrective measures to identify conflicts of interest and facilitating their elimination, monitoring compliance with the requirements of legislation on the resolution of conflicts of interest, as well as identifying risks that are favorable for the commission of corruption offenses in the activities of University employees, introducing proposals to the Rector to eliminate such risks
  • in case of revealing facts that may indicate corrupt or corruption-related offenses committed by University employees, the Anti-corruptionBoard informs in due course about such facts the rector, as well as law enforcement bodies in accordance with their competence
  • consideration (within its authority) of reports on the involvement of University employees in the commission of corruption offenses
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